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Our Committees

At the Penn Undergraduate Economic Society (UES), we strive to create an engaging community for those with any interest in economics. This is reflected in every aspect of our club, from our passionate leaders to the opportunities we provide for our members. Get to know our committees and discover the benefits of joining us!


The Academic Committee serves as the intellectual heartbeat of UES. Members engage in regular bi-weekly discussions that delve deep into current economic events, fostering an environment that encourages critical thinking and the application of economic theories to real-world issues. In addition, committee members contribute to our monthly blog, which offers analyses on a range of topics, from interest rates to international trade policy. Ideal for students who have a passion for research and writing, the Academic Committee offers a platform to explore economics beyond the classroom.

Professional Development

Aiming to bridge academic interests with career aspirations, the Professional Development Committee is a cornerstone for students looking to navigate their future career paths. This committee arranges a series of career-centric events and workshops, featuring professionals from diverse sectors — including economics policy, finance, and consulting. Through speaker sessions, fireside chats, and recruiting events, members are exposed to a broad spectrum of careers and given networking opportunities that can be pivotal for their professional growth. This committee is ideal for career-focused individuals interested in leveraging their economics background in the professional world. 

Finance & Outreach

The Finance & Outreach Committee serves a dual role within UES, handling both the organization's financial health and its external relationships. In terms of finances, the committee manages the society's budget, oversees fundraising efforts, and ensures that resources are allocated effectively to support our various initiatives. Simultaneously, it focuses on outreach activities that involve establishing partnerships with external organizations, financial institutions, consulting firms, and Penn alumni. This committee offers an excellent opportunity for those interested in the organizational and business aspects of running a large student society. 


The Events Committee is integral to creating a vibrant social and academic life within UES. Responsible for planning, coordinating, and executing a variety of events, the committee covers an extensive range — from coffee chats with renowned professors and economists to speaker sessions that feature industry experts. In addition to academic panels and debates, the Events Committee also organizes social events that foster camaraderie and community among our members. If you are creative, organized, and enjoy brining people together for meaningful experiences, this committee is for you.


The Marketing Committee serves as the voice and brand of UES to the broader Penn community. Tasked with increasing the society's visibility, this committee manages all social media and online platforms, crafts compelling digital and print flyers, and develops targeted marketing campaigns to promote our events and initiatives. By leveraging various channels of communication, the Marketing Committee plays a crucial role in attracting new members and enhancing our overall presence on campus. If you have a flair for design, social media, or communication strategy, the Marketing Committee offers a fulfilling opportunity to apply your skills. 

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